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The smell of victory
Nothing at all
We mean it, no smell
Doesn’t get in the way of you

You’re paying us for what’s not in the bottle
We got most of the bad shit out
We’re working on the rest — work with us

All natural except when I’m not
Just like you, baby

Our concerned professional has almost killed himself in 22
You won’t live long enough to make this many mistakes
He almost didn’t

In our quest for clarity and perfection
We sometimes search for the unknown

What we know for sure is what won’t work
Everything that’s not in this bottle

If you start going to the gym when you’re 40 years old
You’ll look like a 40-year-old that goes to the gym a lot
Get started on that tattoo

INK 50 watt small batch SPF isn’t like lipstick
It’s more like vitamin C
It’s not optional

You can pass on us and go to the other… oh shit there is nothing

We thought baby oil was the answer to a lot of things
Don’t get fooled
We did
It’s a petroleum product

If we’re gonna poison ourselves, we’ll do it with a bottle of Patron
And some freaky loud Kendrick Lamar
It’s not a moral question

We are stripper friendly
We love shiny
We just don’t want to look shiny

INK Brighteners and SPFs deliver a smooth satin finish

INK lights up when the sun goes down
INK gets down when the place heats up
Alright, sorry, had to try that shit once…

INK is a Levi jacket
Made for guys
Somewhere along the line his daughter got a hold of one
We all know what happened then

INK goes with everything you wear
Everything you drive
Everything you listen to

You make the magic
INK is your spell.

To be continued,

Never the end...

The Team

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