Why We're Fragrance-Free

Because the smell of victory smells like nothing at all.

Summer Must-Haves for Preserving Your Tattoos

You’ve spent hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on your tattoos. The time, the pain, the beauty - all more t...

The 5 Best Tips To Protect Your Tattoos From Sun & Light Exposure

Listen, we haven’t seen you all naked, but we’re sure the art that you got on your body is worth putting on the refri...

Real Customers, Real Results

Customers are so happy with their INK Brightener Balm, they've been sharing the results. Check out real photos from ...

Here’s Exactly How To Choose Your Tattoo Artist

The best way to choose a tattoo artist is research. Research, research, research.

An Ode To Mini Tattoos

You can choose to present them to certain people or certain times, and choose to hide them from certain people or at ...

Neck Tattoos – Are You In Or Out?

It's a great place to get a tattoo, but you have to consider the context in which you're going to be wearing it.

The One Product You Should Avoid Putting On Your Inked Skin

Petroleum jelly creates an illusion of hydrated skin by creating a thick, oily, shiny film over the skin. In reality,...

The INK Guide To Brightening And Protecting Tattoos

It all begins in the shower...

Why INK Is About To Be Your Tattoo’s Favorite Product

Forget everything you’ve used. Traditional moisturizers and traditional sun blocks are not designed for working with ...

Everything You Didn’t Know About Black and Gray Tattoos

People started asking for “prison-style” tattoos at this shop called Good Time Charlie’s Tattooland over in East L.A....

Here’s What To Keep In Mind Before Getting Inked

Every time you get a tattoo, no matter how small, it will be there forever.
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