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Your Next Tattoo Is On Us, Chef Josh

We love helping you preserve your ink and keep it looking as fresh as you can for as long as you can, because we love the art behind the tattoo. 

If you're on our email list you got an email from us this Labor Day saying we will pay $500 on your behalf to the artist you are looking to work with for your next piece.

And we'll even call and tell your partner we're not kidding if we have to. Like Josh - our winner. When his wife didn’t believe he had just won $500 towards his next tattoo as a gift from us, we were happy to confirm with him that this was not a joke.

 “I’ve never won anything like this before,” he says. “I’m excited.”

INK the original: You won $500 towards your next tattoo! Any idea of what you’d like to get?     

Josh: Yeah! I’ve been talking about getting an idea done for a couple of years now ever since my son was born. My son was born under the Capricorn sign two years ago so I want to get something to represent that. I’ve moved since he was born but I‘ve wanted to do some research on I what I really want done because it’ll tie into a piece that I already have on my forearm – kind of interlocking the two. I want the new piece to match without being too different from the piece I have. 

Timing couldn’t be more perfect. Tell us more about the piece on your forearm.  

I got it done during my Bachelor Party about five years ago. We went to New Orleans and I went to an artist named Kenny Cox. I gave him an idea that I wanted something that was New Orleans without it being a fleur-de-lis. So we chitchatted back and forth. I told him that my wife’s nickname growing up was Tree Frog so we ended up coming up with a frog putting a love curse on a voodoo doll. The colors are more traditional – greens, reds, stuff like that.

 Very fun. How do you see the new piece working with your current piece?

The idea is to incorporate the Capricorn on the top of my forearm with the bottom part. I’d love to see the fish wrap around the voodoo doll as well. Then in between the negative space – my son’s name is Ryland – so I’d have little wisps of rye grass in that space between the two tattoos. It’s definitely something I’ve thought about for a while, I just need to research the artist. And something along the lines of what I want to get is gonna be a lot of money, so this will help get it done.

Thinking of getting your new piece done locally or out of state?

It’s easier if it’s done locally. When I was doing some research on your brand, I found out that there is a platform to help people find tattoo artists. I actually went on Tattoodo and put my ideas out there. I started to get artists who wrote back saying “Sounds like a great idea, would love to work with you.” It made it a lot easier than searching #tattoo or #tattooSanJose on Instagram or something like that. This makes it easier for artists to reach out to me. Going down this rabbit hole now -- it’s a good thing! 

That worked out nicely. What do you currently do for work?    

I worked at a restaurant through most of my career. I recently started working for Google here in Sunnyvale. No more restaurant hours. I get to see my son and my wife on weekends. And I get holidays off -- totally different than what I’m used to. Now in my new role, I get to be more of the teacher. For me, it’s all about trying to learn about sustainability. Google really tries to be as sustainable as they can with their food service programs.  It’s about trying to find ways where we can feed 3,000 people on a daily basis in just one of our cafés. Sustainability is a really good practice and its important to learn more about it. 

Any advice to new fathers?

Just be there when you have the time because we find ourselves constantly being busy with everything. You have those moments where you don’t have anything going on. Put your phone away and just roll around on the ground, play cars and try to and find your imagination again. It’s hard to remember being that way and trying to get out of your day to day and make the time.


Big congratulations to Josh! We love seeing our customers win, and there’s always more where this came from. So make sure you’re signed up for our mailing list for your chance to win. 

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