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Here’s What To Keep In Mind Before Getting Inked

No Joke, Your Tattoo Is Forever. You Ready?

Every time you get a tattoo, no matter how small, it will be there forever. That mark ain’t going anywhere, so we don’t recommend getting a tattoo on a whim. With the internet and social media, you’ve got an endless supply of designs, styles, artists, etc. to look at for inspiration. Take your time, do the research, make sure you’re going to be happy with this mark on your body for the rest of your life.

Tattoos May Change Your “Options”

Since tattoos are permanent, you will always have to deal with that in some sense; you’re changing your options. Say you want to get a full sleeve at 18 years old.  When you get married 10-20 years later, that might change your options in terms of your wedding dress. Now, if you don’t give a rat’s ass about your tattoo showing at your wedding, then hell yeah, go for it!  But maybe you’ve got an old, conservative grandma who will decide to ruin your entire wedding by calling you a disgrace because this is the first time she’s seen your tattoo (trust us, it’s happened . . . probably).

Or say you’re a former marine with a “Big Trouble” tattoo in big, bold letters written all the way down your trigger arm, from shoulder to wrist.  Great, as long as you're in uniform. But come the day you want to coach your kid’s little league baseball team, other parents may have a difficulty with that.  You might fall in love with an Amish girl who loves you until she discovers that “Big Trouble.” All we’re saying is, we can’t fully control others’ perceptions of us, and unfortunately, there’s still some stigma around tattoos and tattoo culture.

“Hidden” Tattoos Might Be Right For You

For this very reason, we have chosen to hide our tattoos. We wear a variety of different hats within this business. We deal with people in suits and neckties routinely, so how we communicate our image has to be something that we can moderate at will.  Now don’t get us wrong, we like extensive ink. We like looking at pictures of it, we enjoy the culture of it. You’ve just got to think about whether it’s right for your lifestyle before committing to that. We have big pieces on our backs that took years to complete.  But it’s nothing that won’t be hidden by a suit. So, having tattoos that can be hidden works for our lifestyle. Just make sure the tattoos you have lined up in your mind’s eye are going to work for your own lifestyle.

No Matter What Type of Tattoo, INK’s Got You Covered

Now, the work that we have is super high maintenance. We cut the rope underneath us, knowing that we can't be out in the sun anymore.  We spent our entire young adulthood with our shirts off outdoors. But we’re, like, 100 years old, and there is a point in your life where it’s time to "button up the shirt."  We’ve reached that point. Knowing that, it's a perfect fit for us. But, if you're in your 20s and you're walking around in a bikini or fellas are walking around with no t-shirt as a way of life, you might not want to expose that expensive artwork to harmful UV rays all day, every day.  You guys are lucky, though, because you’ve got our products at your disposal to protect your ink. We had to wait to get the tattoos we wanted until we knew we were done taking our shirts off every chance we got. Use our products, and you’ve got some leeway when you decide to soak up the sun or make your tattoos pop. INK will buy you more time with your tattoos.  

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