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The INK Guide To Brightening And Protecting Tattoos

Begin with INK Brightener Balm…

In the shower we reach for the INK Brightener Balm because it moisturizes forever. We designed all INK products to be protective of the skin and to last as long as humanly possible without actually stapling them into place. So we apply the INK Brightener Balm, which serves as a moisturizer, in the shower. And we cover ourselves with it. The running water washes off a percentage of it, but even in that environment, it stays put. We dry off and we’re good to go.

And we’re talking about camping, hiking, or climbing. You might go for a couple of days without taking a shower. It's a very familiar thing for people on road trips, on tour, or in college. INK Brightener will stay with you and again, even with its rich concentrations, it's not going to ruin your clothes. There are other oil-based products that will stain your clothing yellow the way popcorn butter will stain your white shirt in the movies. You won't know it until it's too late and everyone else will be laughing at you, and you will go home alone. We are extremists.

Then Reach for INK SPF 50 Spray…

Right after the shower, INK SPF 50 Spray goes on all over us whether we’re going indoors or outdoors. You can't spot reduce. You can't point to one butt cheek. You can't point to your stomach and say "Here, I just need to lose it here." Go ahead, try. "If I could just lose three pounds… there!" No! You’ve got to cover your whole body. Our fine coverage mist makes that easy.

We don't wait for the sunlight, we don't wait for good luck, we don't plan our moment. There's an ancient Native American saying that says, "The day you wear your perfect new moccasins is not the day you're going to bump into your future mother-in-law." It compels the question, what will you probably be wearing when you bump into your future mother-in-law? Just figure you're going to bump into her sooner or later, so fix up.

Point is…

If you are carrying a butterfly on your neck, if you have a behind-the-ear astrology sign, if you have something on your hands… think of where you get sunburned the most immediately – your nose, your tips of your ears, the backs of your hands. That's what goes first. So if you have ink with colors, then you'll want to re-apply the product. If it's not with the INK SPF 50 Spray or SPF 50 Sticks to block out the sun, then you’ll want to re-apply the INK Brightener to moisturize because it'll make your art sharper, detailed and more legible.

Like if you buy a Thoroughbred – arguably the sexiest creature on earth – would you think of going a day without brushing her hair, oiling those hooves, and buffing that nose? Some people feel that way about their automobile or recently adopted pet. We’d venture the same care for the artwork on your skin. It requires even more attention because your message is being broadcasted in 82 languages. You got it for a reason. So think of taking care of it and preparing it for presentation. Deal?

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