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Tattoo Skincare Tips for Fall

The crispness in the air, the move from iced to spiced, the slutty Halloween costumes, oh the slutty Halloween costumes! It's officially Fall. And depending on where you live, that means a lot of things. In Miami or Southern California, keep that SPF on kids 'cause shit ain't cooling off anytime soon. Rest of ya, who knows because this global warming problem has messed up a lot of things, including our skin.

Why Does Your Skin Dry Out More in Fall & Winter?

It's no news that Fall brings about drier skin. A lot of humidity leaves the air and your skin becomes the equivalent to dry mouth. Which is a nightmare. Especially for your tattoos. This dry skin is going to make your ink look very faded and dull and over time could lead to crack skin which impacts the artwork you've invested in. One of the nicest qualities of our organic INK Brightener Balm is that in addition to breathing new life into that ink by moisturizing it and making the color really pop, it's filled with nourishing ingredients that are incredibly healthy for your skin.

Why This Balm and Not Regular Lotion?

This product was developed to help people with tattooed skin. We spend a lot of money on our tattoos and to just put a lotion on it that doesn't accommodate for what the ink in your skin needs seemed crazy to us. Not all lotions are created equal, my friends. 

What's In It?

The brightening Vitamin C in our brightener keeps both your skin and the ink exfoliated and even-toned. We've also added natural shea butter and cocoa butter to help retain that moisture so once your apply it, your skin will hold onto that hydrated look, longer. Also, this product is 95% organic and developed to enhance the appearance, color and details of ink. The green tea, Vitamin E, and Resveratrol in it protects agains the environmental damage and the organic coconut oil and olive oil helps to boost skin's hydration for days. 

One Last Thing...

When you apply the balm to your tattoos daily to ensure that ink is staying fresh, we understand that everyone's skin is different. For those that require a little more moisture throughout the day or just like to have a to-go product to throw in your bag, we've just launch a new staple item to our skincare line.  It's a great deal that bundles our best-selling INK Brightener Balm Original with our travel sized INK Brightener Balm stick. If that works for you, definitely let us know. We're always working on thinking up different ways to get you things you want. 






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