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Summer Must-Haves for Preserving Your Tattoos

You’ve spent hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on your tattoos. The time, the pain, the beauty - all more than worth it, especially if you take care of them. ‘Cause if you take care of those beauties, they’ll really take care of you. Try messing with a 55-year-old who’s got a flawless sleeve. You wouldn’t? Yeah, we know. Takes a little work to Fight the Fade. That kind of respect doesn’t come for free. Time’s not that kind. 

Reach for our SPF 50 Stick in the name of protection, hydration and moisture. And let’s be clear, we’re talking about all kinds of tattoos. Whether it’s the whole left side of your face or just the left side of your pinky -- the fade does not discriminate, and neither do we. The 0.4oz stick is for mini tattoos on the wrist and ankle, while the 2.3oz stick is for larger ink like half sleeves or full sleeves. Both sticks work like magic. They go on crystal-clear and leave a satin finish that’s never greasy or oily. That means zero stickiness, residue or fragrance. 

Then there’s also our SPF 50 Spray. Goes on invisible, and feels invisible. Plus, it’s reef-safe so you can feel guilt-free going into the water. Both SPF products have 80-minute water-resistant formulas that are validated with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. On the inside, they’re packed with like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to keep your tattoos hydrated and smooth. Now if you choose to stop your tattoo regimen there, you’ll only get half the benefits. It’s like having a dancer without the pole. Don’t ask us how we know. 

You’ll want to pair either our SPF 50 Stick or our SPF 50 Spray with our Brightener Balm to maximize your results. Our Brightener Balm enhances the appearance, color and vibrancy of your tattoos instantly with results that get better over time. Plus, organic moisturizers like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Shea Butter boost hydration. While powerful antioxidants like Vitamin E, Green Tea and Resveratrol work together to protect your tattoos from environmental damage. 

Now -- this is important. When using the SPF 50 Stick, apply it under the Brightener Balm. When using the SPF 50 Spray, apply it over the Brightener Balm. They each have a distinct pairing -- we wanted to keep you on your toes. Like those dancers we were talking about earlier...

What can we say, protection plus moisture is a beautiful thing. And we’re really into it.

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  • Love this stuff but for the money, I wish the product lasted longer. I blew through my products relatively quickly.

  • I really love this product 😍

    Danny Gordon
  • I really love this product.

    Danny Gordon

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