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The One Product You Should Avoid Putting On Your Inked Skin

You just left the tattoo studio. You know to stay out of the sun and to keep your work hydrated. If there’s one more thing you should know, it’s this: If you slap on Vaseline or any petroleum products – they’re called petroleum for a reason – you’ll be smearing petroleum, or gasoline, on your body. INK is toxin-free and made without the bad stuff, like petroleum, mineral oil, silicones, parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Petroleum jelly creates an illusion of hydrated skin by creating a thick, oily, shiny film over the skin. In reality,  petroleum-based products actually clog your pores and stop your skin from producing its own moisture. This leaves the skin much drier in the long-run. Sure, Vaseline may stay gooey for a long time, but it’s so rich and dense that it’ll collect on your shirt. When you pull off your shirt, it's the same as pulling off a band aid. One, two… oh shit. It took us three years to remove that stickiness out of our products; there is such a thing as TOO sticky.

Your ink will come off the minute you take off the petroleum products. An extreme version of that would be this scenario, "What if I put superglue over my ink, wouldn't that protect it perfectly?” Sure, right up until the second you pull the superglue off. Everything will come with it.

Baby oil is another one of those products that is super drying. Once you dry out the thin skin flake of a fresh tattoo, it flakes off way easier. It will happen while you're at work, or you're at school, or somewhere where you can't handle it. You're at the desk and you won't even notice it. ‘Till the next morning, that is, when someone says, "That picture of Woody Woodpecker? Is there supposed to be a line right through his head? Is that line a religious thing?" Woody Wood's got a line through his pecker! What...? Someone’s gonna ask, but you won’t wanna give the answer. You’ll know better, won’t you?

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