Tougher Than Leather: A Sneak Peek of New Brian Viveros Work

Brian Viveros’ art needs no introduction to the tattoo world. Viveros is an internationally acclaimed artist who has been featured by INK Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Tattoodo and a variety of other publications who praise him for his work. Detailed paintings featuring defiant, beautiful women aren't the only thing that makes this technical perfectionist stand out from other artists. What really separates these paintings (outside of them being mind-blowingly realistic) is how he portrays the women he creates. It's rare in fine art to see a badass portrait of women and, let us tell you, it's incredibly refreshing.

NEW from "Tougher than Leather" exhibit at Thinkspace Gallery (LA)
Now, how is this related to tattoos? Glad you asked (inquisitive minds have always been our favorite). Some of the best tattoo artists in the world have replicated his art on the bodies of everyone from world-famous celebrities to the vibrant supporters of the DirtyTroops brand. Everyone from Nikko Hurtado, Megan Massacre and many others have recreated these characters as tattoos and it's really incredible.
"Punch Drunk Love" Tattoo by David Corden  (Image courtesy of Brain Viveros)
"The Devil in All of Us" Tattoo by David Corden  (Image courtesy of Brain Viveros)
Tattoo by Stefano Alcantara  (Image courtesy of Brain Viveros)
 Images pulled from Tattoodo (Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado)

 Images pulled from Tattoodo (Tattoo by Nikko Hurtado)

 Images pulled from Tattoodo (Tattoo by Molnár Ádám) 

 Images pulled from Tattoodo (Tattoo by John Anderton

 Images pulled from Tattoodo (Tattoo by Megan Massacre) 

Tattoo by Stefano Alcantara (Image courtesy of Brain Viveros)

Tattoo by Rich Pineda on Jenna Jameson (Image courtesy of Brain Viveros)

 So when we heard he was launching a solo show in LA, we couldn’t run fast enough to see what new girls he thought up. 

An exclusive look at Viveros Studio and workshop.

Brian, who couldn't be a nicer guy, opened up his studio to INK the original for a sneak peek at the body of work launching this Saturday (October 12, 2019) at Thinkspace studio in LA. And to be quite honest, it blew us away.


The show is custom-made for LA with a spin on his signature “EviLAst” logo to honor the city. He includes LA-specific paintings that focus on the identity and culture of real Angelenos. We see a mix of Dodgers, matadors, an ode to grungy rock 'n' roll, and a little luche libre featuring a mask made to honor Viveros' favorite childhood wrestler. Each character seems to carry a little memory from Viveros and subtly comes through in the details of the characters. This specific show is special to Viveros as it was a difficult one to complete.

With the recent loss of his father, grandmother, and dog, we see a true celebration of the spirit of the fighter. And there isn't a person out there that can't identify with what it means to fight through it. 

If you want to learn more about Brian Viveros, we've provided links here. And if you have a Brian Viveros tattoo, tag @inktheoriginal show we can show you some love! 

In addition to new characters being added to his growing collection, Brian has some sculptures to unveil that will take your breath away. Trust us. We stole a little snap of it and included it below (last picture). 


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