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The Most Commonly Asked Question About Our Brightener

Let's start this by saying, you all got some good (some ...interesting) questions about our best-selling brightener. But there is one question that keeps coming up. 

Not a day goes by when we're not met with people curious to see if the brightener actually works. "Does it work?" "Do you notice a difference?" "Am I going to be able to tell if it's working?"

We were going to start by putting together our Product Development Team and listing out all of the different ways it works, but that’s no fun. For anyone. 

The short answer is yes. But we thought it would be more helpful to get some less-biased opinions on the topic so you could check them out for yourself. 

Ahead, you'll find your Facebook comments, Instagram DMs, Amazon reviews and much more for your picking. 

It Makes People Notice Your Tattoos 

It Seriously Protects You All Day

It Leaves A Satin Finish That's Never Greasy Or Oily

It Works Nicely On Sensitive Skin

It's A Quality Product 


Seeing you all enjoy the product is one of our favorite things. We love the product and we're thrilled you do too. And yes, it really does work. 

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