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Neck Tattoos – Are You In Or Out?

Neck tattoos are beautiful. It's a great place to get a tattoo, but you have to consider the context in which you're going to be wearing it.  There are places that won’t allow you to have visible tattoos, like the United States Military Academy. You can't have any tattoos at West Point that are visible while wearing a t-shirt and shorts. When you show up for gym class, nothing can be visible. A lot of young men are signing up, and they've got the grades, the disposition and the aptitude to be professional soldiers. But if they have extensive tattooing, they’re asked to have them lasered off.

About 10-15 years ago, you would see policemen who had gotten out of the military, with visible tattoos on their forearms and their necks. Now you won’t see anyone who works in law enforcement, the military, etc. with a neck tattoo, because it frightens people -- it has connotations. That may even be the reason to get a neck tattoo. We understand that. It's fun to look scary. Nevertheless, it's limiting. If you're going to get a neck tattoo, it will limit your options.

But every tattoo limits an option somehow. That glorious chest tattoo you got in your college year may be something you’ll feel a bit differently about later once you become a different person. Maybe you’ll feel like you can’t take your shirt off in front of certain people. Right there, that’s an option that has been limited. All ink has the ability to limit your options. Definitely less so if it's inside your t-shirt or your bathing suit. But if it's on your neck, then that's permanently visible. Unless, of course, your Halston, and you own a closet full of turtlenecks.

If your career path and your lifestyle are very well bolted into place, do the tattoo. For instance, someone on our team wanted a full back tattoo for years, but he held off because he thought he might have a film career coming up and wanted to be prepared to be able to play any role. It was an option he wanted to remain open. Once he got to the point in his life where he knew there would be no film career coming, and certainly no nude scenes in that non-existent film career, he did the tattoo. What we’re saying is this: Yes, tattoos may limit your options, but more often than not, they are still worth it! A neck tattoo is no different, it may just require a little more consideration.  

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