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All The Things That Went Into Creating INK The Original

We Relied on Good Ol’ Farmer Logic

You want sweet tasty peaches? Big plump hummingbirds? You want those green peas to snap and burst when you eat them? You start with the dirt first. You start with the earth. And that's your skin. You don’t go paint each peach. They do that in Vegas. And we're all for it, but not when it comes to your skin.

Here at INK, everything we created serves as an ultra-rich moisturizer as its base function. Our SPF 50 Spray, SPF 50 Stick, and Brightener Balm all boost hydration with just one swipe or spray. It’s at the spine of what we do. We used the highest quality mix of organic and antioxidant ingredients specifically chosen and tested to help protect, preserve and improve the vibrancy of your tattoos.

Likewise, we especially wanted to focus on protecting your ink from the sun. Like the tobacco fields in Cuba with acres and acres of muslin. Ever see it? It’s like a tent city with muslin that spans nearly a thousand square acres to protect the fields from that hot Cuban sun. We aim to care for you skin like the rarified.

We Ensured INK Worked In Super Hot Climates

INK was designed for ultra humid environments, which is our favorite type of environment. Considering that some of us prefer warmth, we're genetically engineered to head for the desert at the age of 60. If you can't make it, you stop at Miami. If you can't afford Miami, you stop at Coney Island. We follow the sun. We’re a son of the beach. We live down at Coney, where the seagulls, they screech. You think we’re kidding? We have the glasses. You laughing? We can't see.

In any case, you sweat all you want, but our SPF 50 Spray and SPF 50 Stick stays put. Both products are 80-minute water-resistant formulas that’ve been validated with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Best of all, they go on crystal-clear and absorb right into the skin – without the oily or greasy feeling of typical sunscreens. Zero stickiness. And they’re formulated without the bad stuff like oxybenzone, mineral oil, petroleum, silicones, parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

We Wanted You To Set It & Forget It

No one’s got time to re-apply products on their skin. Usually the clothes that we’re wearing are forbidding for reapplying anything to our tattoos. So when we designed INK, one of our criteria was that it would be formulated to last, just like gear designed for climbing alpine-style above 10,000 feet. See in the Himalayas at 23,000 feet, you don't even want to take your glove off. Two things can happen. Instantly your fingers will freeze from sweat, and you got a big problem. Or you drop your glove and you're screwed. Really screwed. 

So once you put something on your face or your body, you want it to last you the whole rest of the day, all the way up to pitch the tent and into the bag. If you have to reapply anything, it also makes your hands wet, and susceptible to freezing terror. If you even blow your nose and don't wipe it completely, your nose tip can freeze. That's the struggle at altitude above 15,000 feet! With all of INK’s products, apply them right after you get out of the shower, and you’ll experience their lasting effect on your skin. Even if you go camping, hiking or climbing, and miss a shower, your skin will remain moisturized and protected. That’s the beauty of our products.

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