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10 Minutes To Making Your Art More Appealing

A rabbi is walking along in the park, and he sees a blind man sitting on the bench. He perceives that the blind man, right or wrong, is hungry. So the rabbi takes out a big piece of matzah cracker and hands it to the blind man. He says, “Here my son, enjoy.” And the blind man thinks it's Braille. He runs his hands across the cracker and says, "Who writes this stuff?" Different context. Point is sometimes how you present something is based on context, especially how you present your tattoos. Ahead, three rules to keep up your sleeve.

Rule 1: Allow your tattoos to be discovered and revealed. Coco Chanel, who invented the No. 5 perfume, said that an overly perfumed woman has no future. Sometimes, the same goes for your ink. Now you can be sleeved all the way from you chiny chin chin down to your twinkle toes, but how you present the art on your body is still a complete option. Discovering somebody after a few drinks, or a cup of strong coffee is part of the fun. And it’s an ancient ritual. We can hear the conversations between two people now. “My God, you were in the army?” a woman asks after seeing a back tattoo. “Yeah infantry for life,” the man reveals.

Rule 2: There’s more to life than T's and P's. Now that's a technical term in rock ’n’ roll. We look for that, at least 120 rows of arms raised high. It's a barometer of success. But showing off your art is different. You don't always have to wear an undershirt to reveal the tattoos on your shoulders, or shorts to reveal the tattoos on the back of your legs. You don't always have to exhibit everything all at once. You can also alter it as the evening progresses, or the day disintegrates.

Rule 3: Careful what you pair your tattoo with. You need the best stuff for the art on your skin. At INK, we use the highest quality mix of organic, brightening and antioxidant ingredients specifically chosen and tested to make your tattoos pop. Our INK Brightener’s got Vitamin C to keep your skin exfoliated and even-toned. And it’s packed with organic coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter to hydrate and moisture. Goes on crystal-clear and dries in an instant. Best of all, we have zero bad stuff in our products – mineral oil, petroleum, silicones, parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Good for your body, good for your tattoo.

Remember this one word: mystery. We used to know a waitress named Pepper. True story. She always had a pack of Pall Malls in her pocket. When she'd see us at the restaurant, she'd undo that extra button and would lean over just enough, like it was the beginning of a union oil map. We don't know where it led to, she'd show us that map and say, “Keep your fork, honey, there's pie.” We didn't even have to see the destination! All we saw was something that said North/South. And your tattoo is like that too.
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  • I would love to have a drink with you Dave and listen to all your stories. You r a masterful storyteller. Your should write another book of all your adventures. It would rival the encyclopedia britannica.

    John Davis

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