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Why INK Is About To Be Your Tattoo’s Favorite Product

Forget everything you’ve used. Traditional moisturizers and traditional sun blocks are not designed for working with inked skin. They have a whole other goal in mind. They're not concerned with being transparent. They're not concerned with the kind of non-sticky, instant drying that we’ve perfected. And they’re not concerned with being toxin-, cruelty- and fragrance-free. We are.

Stains Be Gone

Let’s say you own a $150 shirt. And you should! We’re all for it. Heck, wear it to Vegas. Now the last thing you want is your tattoo goo leaving a stain on that expensive piece of clothing between your shoulder blades. INK products do not stain your clothing – they go on crystal-clear, leave zero residue, and  dry so quick and tight you’ll forget it’s even there. Best of all, our products pack on moisture for days, leaving your tattoos looking brighter and more vibrant.

Sayonara, Smells

Ever shake hands with someone then touch your face to remove hair out of the way or wipe off sweat? Suddenly you smell like two kinds of cologne, three types of perfumed hair and oh, what’s that, dry cleaning fluid! It’s seriously happened to us before. The scents become a part of your hair, a part of your skin. Not so with INK. The smell of victory is "nothing at all." Our products contain zero fragrance. Most other products have the smell of defeat. We know, use a pun, go to jail.

The Good Stuff… Only & Always

Feel confident that you’re doing good for both your body and the planet when using INK. All our products are created without parabens, sulfates, phthalates and silicones, so they don’t contain any harmful chemicals found in many over-the-counter moisturizers or SPFs. And you won’t find any artificial colors, artificial dyes, petroleum or mineral oil. Bonus: Our SPF 50 Spray and INK Brightener are reef-safe! To top it off, all INK products are cruelty-free, with both PETA and Leaping Bunny seals. We only wanted the best for your skin and ink.
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  • After going through this post; I have come to know how ink is important for my tattoo. The quality of my ink determines how long my tattoos last. I have decided to visit a reliable tattoo shop that uses high-quality ink and offer safe services. I am thankful to the writer for writing this article. Those who are planning to get inked may go through this post.

    Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo Studio Pattaya

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