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Here’s Exactly How To Prevent Tattoos From Fading

If you wait until you're 60 to start going to the gym three times a week, then guess what, you're going to look like a 60-year-old who goes to the gym three times a week. Same goes for your tattoos. Don't wait until you're 60 to get yourself or your tattoos into shape.

A Good Heal Gives You All The Feels 
The most important step in preventing fading is your care of the work as it’s being done and immediately after until it's completely healed. You’ll notice a thin flake of skin above your work as it’s healing. That flake of skin is very delicate, especially on bony areas like an elbow, a knee, or the side of an ankle. Keep that skin intact by avoiding abrasion. Don’t let your socks or your sleeve scrape your new work. And after that flake has dried, your skin will work its way back, in the same way that a heavy sunburn would. It may look recovered, but it itches and it stings. All of that has to be completely lived through. But, hey, it’s not so bad because as it heals it becomes more vivid. If it's done right, it seems to settle into the skin and become part of you, as opposed to wearing a bumper sticker.

Make The Sun Your BF Not Your BFF 
Sunlight is probably your biggest issue in terms of fading. The more sunlight your skin sees, the faster the fade. We fight the fade with a complete barrier method. When we say barrier method, we mean war paint. When you sing in the mountains, you're so close to the sun you'll literally French fry your nose. You need to cover it with zinc paste so that no sunlight touches your nose. Just like zinc, INK SPF 50 products create a barrier between your skin and those harmful rays. Except our barrier is completely clear so that you can showcase your art. We hear teens use a barrier method on spring break too, but that’s totally different. Point is, you need protection from the sun, even when you’re unaware that you’re soaking it up, like those quick zips past a window in your office or those daily drives to work. Swatches of sunlight will hit your arm or neck through windows and change the color of your skin and your ink. Even pesky fluorescent lighting can fade your tattoos.

Goop Up As A Way Of Life 
You don't get somewhere and then slather the good stuff on your skin. You do it right after you get out of the bathtub or the shower. And take care of the whole rig. Don't try to spot check. Our stuff is designed to protect a Picasso from a trip to the beach. Now listen, we haven’t seen you all naked, but we’re sure the art that you got is worth putting on the refrigerator door. Use INK’s gear, and you're in great shape. Why? The ingredients we have are designed specifically for ink. All our products go on clear, dry instantly and are fragrance-free. You can apply them to your entire skin, not just the inked skin. Everything we created functions as an ultra-rich moisturizer to protect hard-worked and hard-won graphics in human skin. Consequently INK works beautifully in any other department of "hey let's go outside and stay there!"

Be Kind To Your Skin
Dehydration will stress your skin out. Case in point: Cut an apple into fourths. Place each of the fourths in front of an air conditioner. Turn it on full. Come back in six hours. Those apples will look like granny's buns. Don't ask us how we know. See there are parching filters in every air conditioner and air filtration system. When you reduce the humidity, you also reduce the life of your skin, and everything that was drawn on top of it. INK Brightener works its magic on your art even on days when you’re sitting in an air conditioned office thanks to its ultra moisturizing properties. But that’s only for the outside of your skin. Don’t forget to hydrate your skin from the inside. Increase your water intake, eat more salmon and nuts for their fatty acids, and aim for at least seven hours of sleep each night. Stop looking at the tattoo, start taking care of you.

And.. You Can Always Touch Up Your Tattoo
The idea that you can get a refreshment for your work is new to a lot of our friends. But it’s a practice that’s as old as 400 years in Japan. Remember that you can't judge the quality of a new ink for seven years. That idea comes from renowned Japanese tattoo artist Horiyoshi III himself. Your body will change the way ink appears on your skin. Have no fear. Within 10 or 20 summers, you can go back to the same artist to refresh the line work, colors and details of your piece. Chances are that your tattoo artist will still be in the same neighborhood. If not, you can always find them on social media these days. We’re not quitting tomorrow. Neither is your artist.
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  • Hey guys/gals. Loving the Brightener already, after less than a week of use. Enjoyed the small sample of moisturizer as well. When can we expect to see its availability?

    Tony Commdore

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