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The One Thing That’ll Make Your Tattoos Look Bright

Here’s something that’ll throw you for a loop: Know what makes your hair and fingernails grow? Or what makes your sprains and aches heal the fastest? Ding, ding, ding, we have an answer! Protein and collagen. 

Make sure you're up on both of those to keep your tattoos looking bright, treating your tattoo from inside. That part’s on you, but for what goes on top of your tattoo, we’ve got you covered. That's our INK Brightener Balm, or any of our products since they're all designed to give your skin a clean, satin glow. The INK Brightener Balm successfully brightens and sharpens the details of your ink, without a trace of shiny.

You see, shiny reflects light back into your eyes. Think of trying to read the newspaper while somebody is flashing a flashlight in your eyes. Now you can't read it. That's what shiny does to the detail of tattoos. If you're smearing baby oil, or anything oil-based over your designs, then people looking at those designs will miss its details. They’ll only see what qualifies as a burst of light or shine.

It took us three years and millions of dollars to get rid of shiny. We use a matte finish in our Brightener and that’s what makes our product different. It’s the difference between satin and mylar. It's the difference between silk and tin foil. Silk inhales; it doesn’t reflect light, it invites light. Consequently, it invites the viewer. It's sort of like dropping your voice lower and lower until the person has to lean closer to hear you.

You get the point – the Brightener Balm is the opposite of shiny. Never greasy, always fragrance-free. We also use Vitamin C in our Brightener to keep your skin exfoliated, even-toned, and your tattoo bright. Plus our Brightener is packed with organic coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter to boost hydration. Not to mention, powerful antioxidants like vitamin E, green tea and resveratrol work together to protect your art from environmental damage. At 95% organic, our Brightener helps your tattoos feel brand-new again. And that’s always a plus.

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  • I have several products of yours and they are great I have yet seen any of them not be 100% great you sent me the trail size of Bright and again complete satisfaction the easy of application is super easy I login looking for the full size but it said not available so please let me know and I will keep looking for your email updates.

    Ron Hicks

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