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How to Care for Your Tattoos During the Winter

It’s finally December, the most joyful time of the year. Sure, there’s the feasts, gifts, and holiday cheer. But on top of all that, winter is the prime season to get a tattoo for many people. Whether you’re treating yourself to some new ink this month or just looking to keep your tattoos fresh for the new year, here are our top tattoo care tips for the winter. 

Drink up, Grinches

Although the winter months mean long-awaited snowfall and cozy days in, beware of winter dryness that comes from harsh winds and low moisture levels in the air. Dryness causes skin to become dehydrated, dull, and rough. It’s crucial to stay moisturized, even underneath all those layers, to keep your ink bright. A good moisturizer will act as a protective barrier for your skin and lock in moisture throughout the day. Our triple-threat daily moisturizer contains a powerful blend of Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E to keep your tattoos moisturized, hydrated, and protected all day long. Just as you load up on hot cocoa and eggnog this season, don’t forget that your skin gets thirsty too. 

Don’t forget to layer with sunscreen

We might not be at the beach or basking in the warm summer sun anymore, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to hibernate your SPF for the winter. Did you know that the snow and ice intensify UV rays? Even if you’re not under direct sunlight, the sun’s reflection can still damage your tattoos just as powerfully. The ozone layer is also thinnest during the winter, which means less harmful rays are absorbed by this protective layer. The solution is simple! Just give your skin a quick spray of SPF before heading out the door and go worry-free knowing that your ink is staying vibrant this winter. 

Proper aftercare is still important

If you’re sporting a new tattoo this winter, this next tip is for you. Although you might deal with less sweat during the colder months, make sure you’re taking extra precautions to deal with the winter’s unique challenges. First of all, wear loose clothing while your tattoo heals. While layers, thick socks, and boots will keep you toasty outdoors, it is best to give your ink enough room to breathe. So grab those loose, comfy pajamas and a holiday movie to help your tattoo heal properly. When it comes to cleaning, beware of harmful scents and chemicals. A peppermint bubble bath might sound enticing right now, but keep in mind that healing tattoos are especially vulnerable and sensitive to irritation. Instead, use a gentle daily cleanser with clean, natural ingredients that will soothe, hydrate, and nourish your skin. 

Cheers to keeping our ink merry and bright this winter season! 

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