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Everything To Know While Your Tattoo Heals

Remember You’re Dealing With Delicate Skin

Your know those really perfect croissants that you hold in your hand -- the ones that have an outer pastry flake that just sort of falls apart? We know a couple of gals in New York who have spent their entire adult life perfecting the ability to bake it like that every time. They’ve dedicated their whole life to getting that perfect flake, just like a snowflake. Once you get your tattoo, you’ll see a little dried up piece of skin on top of your ink. It’s super fine and nearly transparent.  

Take it from us – you don’t want to run anything across that flake of skin. You’ve got to take care of it and if you're not careful, you'll knock it right off the top and it'll leave a permanent white mark through the color. We have a little white mark on one our pieces that we didn’t plan on having. We had a little scratch and pulled a glove on. It knocked that little crust of skin off. Now this makes us look rugged and handsome, especially if it's on our face. But women -- they have other ideas. No marks! So you’ll want to take care of that flake of skin as carefully as you can.

Say Buh-Bye To Abrasion      

When we got our butt cheeks done --we know, you're never going be able to get this out of your head, at least not until happy hour, and we’re sorry we’re not sorry -- we walked around with nothing but a t-shirt in our apartment because if we didn’t, we’d scrape. We had to plan this ahead. We laid out enough food, enough water. We made sure someone could walk our dog all three times a day, because we knew we weren’t going to put on pants, underwear, nothing, for a week. But let us tell you, when we visit our back doctor, the nurses will tell you that we’ve got perfect butt cheeks. They won't directly say that, it's not professional of course, but we see it in their eyes. True story. You're thinking now, "OK I want to see it." You got to buy us a drink first, OK? We see your look.

Same thing goes for your shoulder blades, same thing goes for your elbows. Make sure you're not going to Jiu-Jitsu class for a week because your elbows are going to run into someone else. And if you get an ankle tattoo, it’s not a good idea to get it right before the big soccer tournament. An opponent could knock that flake off your skin and that cute little peace symbol of yours is going to have two legs instead of three. Remember that a little bit of the ink is going to rise up to the surface anyway. Your body's going to fight it. And it's going to expel in that light dried skin, which means some of the ink is going to come out.

Get Schooled In The Best Products   

Aftercare is not just the most important, it's all important. Be very careful of petroleum products, which are byproducts of oil. They will dry out that crust of skin. Because of their consistency, they give an illusion of hydrated skin. But they actually stop skin from producing moisture and dry out your pores. Here at INK, all our products are toxin-free and made without the bad stuff like petroleum, mineral oil, silicones, parabens, sulfates and phthalates. These are the products you want to use on your skin after the first 30 days.

Much like a new puppy you adopted, the ink’s not just for the first 30 days. When the kids say, "Mommy, I want a puppy!" You’ll reply, "Great, but I want to warn you, that much like you, it's not just for the first month! I wish it was!" It's for life. You can’t disregard. We save that for our significant others And family members. You can learn to ignore your sister, heck, we learn to ignore our parents early in grade school. But you can never ignore the dog. And it's the same for your tattoo. Don't think of it as preventing it from fading, think of it as part of what you do, just like brushing your teeth or combing your hair.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing the post with us. It feels great to have a tattoo on our body, but we always feel anxious about its aftercare. Your blog is really helpful for tattoo enthusiasts. Also one can come across the fact about how petroleum jelly is not very good for a new tattoo. Overall it is a quite informative and fun reading post for everyone.

    Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo Kata

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