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An Ode To Mini Tattoos

Mini tattoos are easy to hide, easy to present at will. They go along with who you are at the time. You can choose to present them to certain people or certain times, and choose to hide them from certain people or at certain times.  Larger tattoos, full sleeves, anything that’s very visible, those tattoos kind of dominate the proceedings, it's like walking into the room with a Great Dane. There isn't anyone in that Starbucks who isn't gonna comment. And that may be the point. But some people don’t want that kind of attention, so mini tattoos may be a great option for them.

So let's have a tacit, a quiet arrangement here that you can advertise who you are, especially with body language – just don't scream at us. And you may choose to present yourself as the Great Dane in the coffee shop, but most people might shy away from that. Mini tattoos will permit you the option to call attention to your ink whenever you choose to, rather than all the time.

Some people stand out by the simple sound of their voice, forbidding them of the option. They say we have a laugh that sounds like four flat tires on a muddy road! Most people recognize us in line from behind. "I thought that was you, then I heard your laugh!" they’ll say. Yep, four flat tires on a muddy road trying to catch up! Sometimes you have no option, you are the Great Dane. But most folks can control it. Sometimes you move amongst, sometimes you lead in front. And mini or one point tattoos will provide you that option.

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