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Ready For Your Next Tattoo, Madelyn?

Drumroll, please! Say hello (and might we add a bow) to Madelyn, our second winner of our $500 Tattoo Giveaway. “Really?!” you might be wondering. Yes. REALLY. Ask Madelyn -- she had the same exact reaction.

As a Seattle-based head chef of a pizza and beer bar, Madelyn gets to make good food all day and chat about beers. Some days she makes new recipes, others she teaches fellow cooks how to perfect the menu. In between, she handles admin tasks, which actually worked in her favor the day she read our email notifying her of her win. Sometimes it really pays off to do your work, wink wink. 

INK the original: Congrats on winning $500 towards your next tattoo! How are you feeling?

Madelyn: Super excited. I never win anything. I saw your email at work letting me know that I had won and I was like, “Huh, that’s a weird email.” Then I was like “Oh man they reached out to me on Instagram too.” So then I was like, “Oh, I should read these.”

Glad you did. You’ve got lots of nice pieces, tell us about them.

I’ve got both of my thighs tattooed, one with a mermaid and the other with an octopus. I have a marine biology degree so I tend to have a bit of a nautical theme with my tattoos. I also have pieces  on both of my biceps. One is a spiny lumpsucker, which is a funny little fish that I’m in love with. And the other is a matching traditional style bat with a heart that I have with my sister. Then there’s one on the back of my neck that’s a Vegvísir, which is a Nordic symbol of departing boats so that you wouldn’t lose your way in the weather. I also have a fern piece on my sternum. And I have a little tiny Totoro on my ankle. On my ribs, I’ve got a little quote in white ink and a little fingers crossed tattoo. Last, I’ve got two coffins in the shape of a heart on my butt – that was my most recent piece for my 27th birthday to keep to myself.

So 10 tattoos in total. This will be lucky 11, won't it? 

Yes! That’s actually my lucky number. It’s always been my number in sports. Edgar Martinez from the Mariners is my favorite guy. I’ve always picked 11 for every contest or entry that lets me pick 11. I just love the number. It was meant to be. 

Is there a tattoo artist you prefer to work with for most of your pieces?

I got most of my pieces from the same artist. She’s based in Capital Hill, and her name is Hanna Sandstrom. She’s an absolute badass. She’s from Sweden and she’s actually battling stage 4 ovarian cancer right now. She’s taking a couple of months off now. I’ve been looking at other Seattle-based tattoo artists for my next piece.

Any idea of what you’ll get with your $500?

The next piece that I wanted to get, which this will definitely go towards, is a portrait of my cat. I was thinking of getting the piece on the back of my calf. She’s a black tuxedo cat and she’s real fluffy, a real charmer. I made her an Instagram account – I’m that kind of person. She’s a little 12-year-old senior kitty named Mitzy. She’s my grandma’s cat and I inherited her. She’s basically my little therapy cat. I want to do a tattoo for my cat and some of my grandma’s favorite flowers. It’ll be an in memoriam tattoo for my grandma. It’s a piece that I was gonna start saving up for in the next month, so this is perfect.

Totally. You know, our previous winner of our $500 giveaway was a chef too…

We’re tattoo people. The only reason why I haven’t tattooed my forearms or hands is because I keep getting burns on them. There’s been early acceptance of tattoos in kitchens. Everybody I’ve always worked with has almost always had tattoos that they’re really excited about. Actually a lot of people in the pizza industry have pizza tattoos. I’m one of the few in the kitchen who doesn’t. We’re artistic people with food, and so we like to be artistic with everything else. There isn’t any backlash on it like there are in some office jobs. I’ve never had to cover any of my tattoos at work so it’s nice.

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  • That’s really a very nice giveaway! I am always telling people I meet and people I know about the product and I share it many times daily on my Facebook. I have a serious scar from being mauled. I would like to cover some of my scars but don’t have that kind of cash. I believe this is the best product on the market. Wish I had information cards to pass out and I think it would be great to promote at Tatoo events and biker events.

    Dora Firmin
  • Congratulations Madelyn!!!!
    Happy Inking!!


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