All The Things That Went Into Creating INK The Original

We used the highest quality mix of organic and antioxidant ingredients specifically chosen and tested to help protect...

10 Minutes To Making Your Art More Appealing

Allow your tattoos to be discovered and revealed.

The One Thing That’ll Make Your Tattoos Look Bright

 For what goes on top of your tattoo, we’ve got you covered. 

Everything To Know While Your Tattoo Heals

Aftercare is not just the most important, it's all important.

All The Reasons You’ll Love This New Daily Tattoo Regimen

The man up top told us you needed a little nourishment. We got you. 

Why Customers Swear By Our Brightener Balm For Dry, Dull Skin

Cue Sally Field’s 1984 Oscars speech: You like us, you really like us.

Ready For Your Next Tattoo, Madelyn?

Drumroll, please! Say hello (and might we add a bow) to Madelyn, our second winner of our $500 Tattoo Giveaway.

Your Next Tattoo Is On Us, Chef Josh

This is not a joke -- and we'll call your wife if we have to.

What’s Inside Our Best-Selling Brightener Balm

It’s time to start thinking like a nerd…

Our Sh*t Actually Works... As Told By Our Customers

We’re basically showing you off, and sharing what you love most about INK the original.  

We Love You (And Your Drunken Seahorse Too)

A toast to you, our community, for all the love you've been sharing with us. We're here for it.

The Difference Between Our SPF & Traditional Sunscreens

Our formulas are invisible. So invisible, you'll forget they are there, but your tattoos won't. 
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